Jeff Gaisford

Jeff Gaisford has a USSF “D” License. He played briefly as a youth but developed a love for the game watching his sons begin playing at young ages. He was able to step into coaching at the U6 level and as his love and understanding of the game and coaching and mentoring youth grew, he chose to take the step towards licensing and coaching education seriously and have learned from some great mentors at various levels. Have coached U6-U15 and has taken new competitive teams from bottom level and earned multiple promotions in the last 4 years. His teams have both won and been a finalist in President’s Cup, and multiple club sanctioned Tournaments (Adidas Cup, Glory Cup, and Dixie Invitational). Jeff promotes a positive, constructive, and driven environment to allow players to advance in the sport of Soccer, individually and as a team. Emphasizing that advancing skill level, knowledge of the game, and creative and strategic tactics and technical proficiency, improvement will abound, and a winning culture will follow. The game is for the players and is the best teacher. Fostering the technical, tactical, mental, and physical development within the game leads to a lifelong love of the game, a quality environment for growth, and ability to take skills and principles into the lives of the players for a lifetime.