Matt Speckman

Matt Speckman has been playing soccer for over 40 years and coaching in various capacities for 25 years. Matt holds a C license and is always seeking to further his coaching education through seminars, observing other coaches and watching professional training and other educational avenues. Matt has coached teams at all ages and all levels of competition including recreation, academy, and all competition levels from Metro to Premier. Matt's team are dedicated to playing an attractive brand of soccer modeled after the possession-based approach and positional principles of the teams he admires. His teams’ successes include numerous tournament wins both in-state and out-of-state, consistent performance in Premier level competition and successive promotions for teams that start at lower tiers of the State gaming competition. Ultimately, Matt measures the success of his team on the training environment with these questions: 

Are kids consistently present?

Are players improving?

Do they like their teammates?

Is the environment competitive?

Do players respect their teammates and coaches?

Do the players ask questions?

Do players understand our game model?