Sarah & Ike Christensen

Sarah and Ike both played soccer growing up in Utah and played through their high school years. They have played in indoor and outdoor adult leagues and have a passion for the game. They have been coaching for 11 years collectively. Sarah enjoys working with her husband to bring each team to develop a love for soccer. She likes to see players learn to play their best game every game by applying the techniques and tactical vision they practice at training. She works hard to help every player have fun and develop on and off the field. Ike has a similar vision. It is very important to him that all players have fun while playing soccer. This is why he uses a variety of games in his training sessions. He also tries to help players develop humility, an ability to work together, and a good understanding of soccer basics. Sarah and Ike were recognized as Copper Mountain Recreation Soccer Coach of the Year Nominees in 2019. The players and parents they have impacted appreciate their positive approach in working with their players, their knowledge of the game, and their ability to help their children improve as players.