Competition Program

The mission of Copper Mountain Soccer Club (CMS) is to foster young player’s physical, mental, and social growth in order to reach their full potential by participating in soccer. CMS will support licensed coaches who volunteer their time to develop these players. CMS coaches will actively seek to further their soccer education and provide their players with the tools to succeed in the game of soccer and in life.   


Copper Mountain Soccer Club’s vision is to build a reputation for producing well-trained athletes and gain the respect of the national soccer community. CMS believes that it is just as important to develop problem solving skills, communication skills, leadership skills, and to foster a positive self-image, as it is to develop technical and tactical awareness of the game. Players who graduate from the CMS club will not only possess an excellent soccer foundation, but will have the strength of character that will qualify them to be well-rounded, contributing citizens of society.


  • ​​If you are a licensed coach and would like to coach a CM team, please contact Renata Lawson for more information.