Rec Registration Update & COVID-19 Refund Policy


Copper Mountain Rec Soccer (CMRS) is a non-profit organization formed by local community volunteers to provide an opportunity for our children and the children of our neighbors and friends to play soccer.  Our volunteers spend countless hours to organize hundreds of teams and thousands of children.  Our Club is not financially supported by any local government but by our community participants and a few sponsors.  Our goal is to provide a quality soccer program for a low price.

With the concerns regarding COVID-19, we have had to adjust our operations to conform to State guidelines and ensure the protection of our players.  During our planned spring 2020 season, all our soccer fields were closed by the property owners.  By working with the health department, local cities, and school district, we have received permission to resume soccer activities.  Our coaches, players and parents will be expected to adhere to the proposed guidelines to keep our players safe and maintain continued access to our soccer fields.

We understand the reluctance of some parents to return their players to the pitch given concerns regarding COVID-19 and our economy.  At CMRS, we recognize and share your concerns.  Therefore, we have extended our registration to July 15th and will be suspending the additional $10 fee typically associated with late registration. 

Most of the costs associated with running our Club are incurred at the beginning of the Fall season.  These costs include, but are not limited to, insurance, registration, uniforms, soccer balls, field rental and coaching equipment.  Despite this, CMRS is temporarily modifying its no refund policy due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are committed to maximizing any potential refunds should we be unable to play this Fall due to circumstances beyond our control.  We anticipate being able to refund up to 90% of the registration fee if the entire season is cancelled prior to our coach’s meeting on August 8th which involves the distribution of uniforms and equipment. Any refunds due to season cancellation after August 8th will be adjusted to offset incurred costs.  If only the Fall season is cancelled, we will offer a refund of $30 which is the discount given to Fall only or Spring only players and prepare for the Spring 2021 season.  Specific procedures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 will be established based upon current health department guidelines.  These procedures will be distributed to all parents and coaches prior to season start and should be strictly followed.

Only through the willingness of our volunteers and the support of our parents can we continue to run one of the best soccer programs in Utah.  Please take the time to register your players to ensure a sufficient number of teams for each age division.  We look forward to a new and safe soccer season.  Thank you.

-CMRS Board