Recreational Soccer Rules

Recreation Game Rules

Recreation rules are dependent upon the age group.  Specific rules are listed on the left side of this page.

Numbers on the field by age group and heading policies are governed by the US Youth Soccer Rules of the Game.

Additional Players

If a team is ahead by 4 goals, then the other team can add one additional field player. The additional player will be taken off the field if his/her team scores. If a team is ahead 6 or more goals, then an additional player will be added. If a team is 8 or more goals ahead, then an additional player will be added. If the losing team does not have additional players, then the winning team should consider taking a player off the field.


Shin guards must always be worn.  Broken legs DO happen!

Hard arm casts need to be wrapped in foam or bubble wrap.

Soccer cleats or tennis shoes are acceptable.  Football, baseball, or any other boot with a toe cleat is not acceptable.

Games MUST be started and ended on time.  If the first game is five minutes late, the last game will be 30+ minutes late.

Parents must be seated on opposite sides of the field.  Home team selects the side.  Please be considerate and sportsmanlike.

Please be patient with the volunteer referees.  This is not a competition league.  We cannot find nor pay for professional referees.